Website under Construction

What's under Construction?

This website has been created from the ground up using HTML 5, CSS 3, and Javascript. Each page was built using these technologies from the ground up, meaning that some pages are not yet completed but are rather a wireform of their final version. Some of the pages have stock photos and filler text on them while they are finilized.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is what designers call filler text. The objective of including this text on the webpage is to create a wireframe design to preview what a paragraph of text would look like on the webpage. The text itself is a string of random Latin words to simulate the characteristics of a normal paragraph.

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Something doesn't seem right?

If the formatt of this page not look correct, please understand that the web is difficult to predict. Each device has it's own unique aspect ration, which can make designs appear differently then they were intended. The process for designing for this unknown is called Responsive Web Design, which is currently what is being designed on this site. This process is almost done and your patience is appreciated.

Reporting a Problem

Designing a website is a human task, and with humans come errors. However since this site is still being built, it is prone to having more errors as pages become fragmented versions of a core design. If you see an error that is significant in any text, images, or graphics. Please let me know as I would like to correct them as soon as possible.

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